How to Become a Mason



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Monthly Breakfast

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Stated Communications:
Dinner at 6:00 pm – all are welcome.
Meeting at 7:00 pm for Master Masons.
Second and Fourth Tuesday.

Our Address.

Wildwood Masonic Lodge No. 92

103 Georgia St. 
Wildwood, FL 34785

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    This web site is dedicated to serve the brothers, and those interested in Wildwood Lodge No. 92 F.&.A.M. of Florida.  Welcome to the Wildwood Lodge No. 92 website. This is the place to learn about our lodge and Freemasonry, as well as keep up to date with all of our meetings, degrees, and exciting fundraising events. We are a fraternity in Wildwood, Florida, that meets regularly to socialize, discuss how to help others, and share a love of history, tradition, and knowledge. Modern Freemasonry teaches timeless values in a supportive community that helps men to grow and improve themselves through brotherly love, truth, and mutual 

respect. We are a lodge made up of good men of all ages and walks of life, who all share a common bond and desire to become better through knowledge, charity, and brotherhood. We are proud to be celebrating over 100 years as a chartered lodge under the F.&A.M. Grand Lodge of Florida.

    Our fraternity is the oldest in the world and dates back as early as 1717 when the first Grand Lodge was founded in London, England, but documents show the fraternity dating back to 1630. Our fraternity has initiated some of the greatest men in history, such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Andrew Jackson, John Hancock, Harry Truman, Jesse Jackson, Paul Revere, and many other great men that have contributed to freedom.

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    Freemasons welcome all members into the fraternity, if a man over the age of 18 of sound moral character, who can express his belief in a supreme deity asks to be a Mason, he is welcome to petition to become a member. Asking that first question is a good man’s first step towards speculative masonry.  Feel free to browse through our site, check out pictures of our officers and lodge events, and if you would like more information on Masonry or Wildwood No. 92  please go to the "Contact us" section and take a minute to fill out some of your contact information, if you would like more help you can Call, Text or E-Mail, or go to are Facebook page. We will personally contact you to discuss any questions you may have and guide you through the process.